Rib and Block First Floor Concrete Slabs

The Lattice Rib with Girder

Our core product is our rib and block first floor concrete slabs, called the pre-cast lattice rib and block system.

The picture shows an example of our pre-cast lattice ribs (150mm x 50mm). The lattice girder is essential to bond with your concrete topping. Reinforcing from 1Y10 up to 3Y16 to be casted accordingly, depending on lattice beam spans.

The lattice girder forms a substantial key with the insitu topping. The rib’s unique shape is supported by the reinforcing steel to suit the loading. Our design has revolutionised the manufacturing of reinforced concrete slabs.

We also pride ourselves in the installation process to ensure stability and eliminate the chances for the slab to delaminate from the concrete topping. The lattice beam first floor slabs is the best product on the market today. It has a unique design and is perfect for self-installation.